Minimalist Closet by Accident (Happy 2016! Part 2)

I started this blog because I wanted to cut down my belongings, own things I love, and stop spending money on stupid stuff. Particularly I wanted to own a minimal amount of clothing.

Well, by accident, I am almost completely “there.” While I was pregnant I bought almost no maternity clothes thanks to a wonderfully kind stranger/sister. I am an alumna of a sorority and a fellow alumna was kind enough to send me ALL of her maternity clothes because she and her husband were done having. I only had to buy myself total: 2 short sleeve shirts, 2 shorts, 2 leggings, and 2 long sleeve shirts. This is throughout the entire 40 weeks! Anyways, the pregnancy got me in the mindset of not wanting to spend money on clothes I wouldn’t wear beyond pregnancy, which kept me with a limited wardrobe that I made work.

Fast forward, and I’ve had my daughter. I’m in a stage where I am discovering all of my old clothes and realizing that frankly I didn’t like a lot that was there, and this was AFTER I’d already done a lot of donating last year before I was pregnant. So I got donated a box worth before we moved, and I’m still continuing to do so. Now I do have some clothes in my closet that are a little small, but I have been losing weight consistently (thank you breastfeeding!) so I know they will fit soon enough that it is relevant to leave them in there.

All in all I have about 6 tank tops, 5 loose “nice” t-shirts, 4 Express Portofinos, 3 cardigans, 3 leggings, and 1 pair of jeans. I DO need to go through my underwear and workout clothes again because I think I have more in that drawer than everything I just listed! So there is still work, but not very much. As far as shoes, I am not a shoe loving girl, so this has never been too difficult of an area. I have 3 pairs of black ankle boots(one are snow boots, one are rain boots, and one are nice faux leather…the weather is all over the place haha), running shoes, and on the way are some Steve Madden faux leather flat sneakers. These are replacing a pair I got from J Crew and completely wore through while pregnant (near the end they were all that would fit!)

So, by accident, I’ve nearly gotten to where I wanted to be a year ago! Well, the mindset changed last year and actions changed over time. Yay!

Now to go through everything ELSE we brought with us.






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