Happy 2016! Part 1: Life Update (Baby/Graduating College/Moving)

Well, I can’t even remember the last time I posted, but that is because life officially got insane….

I delivered a beautiful baby girl on November 17th. Unfortunately she was born with complications that led to a short stay in the NICU, but she is perfectly healthy now. If you remember, I was still finishing up my final semester, and this stay in the NICU was actually not in my college-town, so it put a lot more pressure on my coursework once we got back from the hospital. Commence a few weeks of 2 hours of sleep and a LOT of computer/course time and finally I got through everything. There were many times I wanted to just give up even though the light at the end of the tunnel was right there. Somehow, thanks to some much needed help from my mother and my husband, I finished all of my papers, engineering design projects (plus their corresponding reports), and finals. In fact, I managed one of my higher GPA semesters, and was just off making Dean’s List (which is very difficult in any engineering discipline).

Unfortunately, finishing my classes did not mean it was time to relax. My husband and I then had to immediately begin packing up our lives to move over 500 miles to where his job is located. I say “begin” because with the hospital time, him working remotely, a new baby, and me finishing classes…nothing had been packed. Also to make things crazier, I only finished my coursework 12 hours before the graduation ceremony,and my family AND my in-laws were both in town. Thankfully, all of the extra family members meant a lot of extra help with moving. Almost everything was completed in 4 hours the day of graduation itself. Unfortunately this packing was basically “throw everything into boxes and tape them” and wasn’t very organized. Then we made the VERY long drive with everything we owned and a 1 month old baby. Somehow we made it!

Finally, we are sort of moved in. Actually, we are living with our in-laws while we are searching for a house. This made things nice because we didn’t have to unpack kitchen/bathroom type items, and we can slowly go through everything. HOWEVER, my family was also staying with my in-laws for the holidays, so absolutely nothing productive was happening. We couldn’t even deal with any baby-things because that’s where my parents were sleeping.

Now, things have just started to settle down. My family has flown home, and our clothes are pretty much dealt with. The nursery is 90% done, just hanging some minimal decorations and bringing in the recliner remains.

I was also dabbling with the idea of setting up an actual domain/website of my own, but decided it would not be a good decision right now. Maybe in the future this year =)

I hope that 2015 treated you well and that you have a very Happy New Year! My next post will be all about de-cluttering again due to the move and my clothing/fitness situation now that I’m 6 weeks postpartum.





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