1 Month Until Baby: Nursery, Maternity Photos, Purchases, Craziness

Well, life’s definitely been crazy, and considering I have 3 exams this week I probably shouldn’t even be blogging, but oh well. When I found out I was pregnant, it seemed like several other ladies that I’ve known had also just recently announced their own pregnancies. I was the last in this little bunch. Well….they have ALL had their little bundles of joy which means: I’m next! AHHH.

I don’t know if I ever said my due date, but it is Thanksgiving Day =) Well, that’s mostly true, I’ve been given 3 different due dates. This one is just the easiest to tell people and for them to remember;) That’s exactly 30 days from today. I don’t think my husband and I have quite gotten our heads around that yet.

The nursery is pretty much finished, just needs a teeny bit of decor. My mother-in-law loves painting and helped my husband paint the room half light grey, half light pink. It looks adorable. We were fortunate enough to receive all of the furniture from family members which saved us a large amount of $$$. As far as decor, we have leftover paint so once we decide the name we will paint wooden letters and hang those on the wall. My husband and I also picked out a nice framed art piece from Hobby Lobby. There were a couple of nicks in it so we got a $30 item for under $6 (tax included!). Nothing a quick coat of paint can’t fix.

We also took maternity photos yesterday and I think they went wonderfully. I’ve only just seen a sneak peak but it was gorgeous. Where we live the fall season is stunning, so we did everything fall themed in an apple orchard. The morning was gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the results. My brother-in-law is studying Graphic Design and is a talented photographer, so our shoot was completely free =) We might have one picture converted into a canvas. I actually would love to do a gallery wall with four canvases, but that’s a different story for another day.

In other news my husband and I did a little bit more baby shopping using some gift cards from out baby shower. Here’s a few things we got….

  • Baby monitor (audio only, with 2 “parent” pieces)
  • reusable nursing pads, called Lily Pads
  • Diaper Genie bags…I was lucky enough to be gifted a diaper genie from my boss!
  • Newborn car seat head insert
  • Baby Carrier
  • Play Mat
  • Safety Kit

I think I’m forgetting a couple of items but that gives an idea. We got everything at Target because that’s where we had gift cards. Target also had a great promotion (it’s over now, sorry!) where if you spent $150 in the baby department, you would receive a $25 Target gift card. We actually MADE money with our purchases!

Also, does anyone else who has been pregnant think it is rude when someone asks if you are having twins? I personally think it is really rude. I would never actually do this, but if I have someone ask “Oh are you sure it’s not twins?” to respond with a “Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?” and look at their stomach. It sounds beyond rude (it is!) but at the same time it’s not different. They are asking if you are carrying an extra person inside you…just like you are asking them. I just don’t get why it’s acceptable to ask a pregnant woman if she’s having twins. I’ve thankfully only been asked this in an obviously joking way, but it still annoys me.

Anyways, I’ve put off studying long enough. My next post will hopefully be the guest room in the apartment. Currently it’s basically a closet.



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