Something Old, Something New (Fall Beauty Loves)

Sorry it has been forever, I wildly underestimated my busyness even with a lower class credit amount than my normal. Also I’ve been sick, thanks to the change in weather…

Speaking of the change in weather, I love fall! Call me a basic b*tch, but I love cozy blankets, candles, scarves, and fall beauty/fashion. I think pumpkin spice lattes are gross though, so I can’t be completely basic;) Though admittedly, I love my pumpkin spice candle. It’s a 30oz candle and I’ve already burnt through half of it!

Anyways, on the beauty side of things, I have an old rediscovery and a new love. First, I found my old favorite perfume, from five years ago. Yes, five YEARS. Now perfumes do change over time, and I do believe that the staying power isn’t as great, but nonetheless the perfume still smells wonderful and I’m happily wearing it every day. The scent is Burberry Brit (the Eau de Toilette). Because I’m terrible at describing scents, the notes in this fragrance are listed as lime, pear, peony, almond, mahogany, amber, tonka bean, and vanilla. It’s got everything in there, fruity, floral, and woody, without any of these three being too overpowering. I get complimented on this scent a LOT by people, and it makes me sad that I didn’t appreciate this perfume as much when I first got it. (That is because I was in my weird mindset of “not using” things that were “special,” which makes no sense at all!)

As for the “new” beauty item, that would be thanks to this video by YouTube user ItsJudyTime, who I’ve followed for a really long time. She raved about the Maybelline Matte Lipstick in the shade “Touch of Spice.” I immediately went and purchased this exact shade for $5.50 at Walmart, and I’m so glad I did. Now I did have a “fall lip color,” but it is a dark purple shade. It’s gorgeous, but not practical ( I wear it for special occasions!). Touch of Spice, on the other hand, is the perfect everyday fall shade. There’s no question it’s a fall color, but I don’t have to worry about if it’s moving all over my face, on my teeth, or anything. Basically it’s perfect. To even out my makeup collection, I decided to throw away a Revlon lip butter that I’ve had for a few years and hardly worn. I don’t remember the shade name, but it was a nude, and those shades just don’t look good on me. I’ve also been complimented on this shade multiple times, and I only bought it on Saturday!

Just real quick, two “minimalist” tips I have from these items are:

  1. USE WHAT YOU HAVE. I really shouldn’t still have this Burberry fragrance, especially with how much I love it! If you buy something, that money has already been spent, and letting a nice item like perfume just collect dust on a shelf isn’t going to bring that money back magically. If you buy something, use it =)
  2. If you bring something in, take something out. I bought a new lipstick, but also recognized that I owned one that was getting zero use. There’s no need to clutter up your life. Again, the money has already been spent, and you aren’t getting it back by having unused makeup lying in a drawer. If you have a friend who might want what you are getting rid of, offer it to them (note: that’s not always hygienic, but I’ve done it before). Just be mindful of what you own.



2 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New (Fall Beauty Loves)

  1. Great way to think about it, you are not getting your money back if you keep an item that you don’t use. I think this is one of the biggest reason why people refrain from getting rid of items, because they paid for it. This is good to keep in mind!


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