Super Super Easy Healthy Snacks “To Go” (College, Work, Mom friendly!)

I’m a college student. I’m often on campus all day and definitely don’t want to spend a lot of money on food while on campus. I avoid this by pre-packing lunch most days. However, there are those days when you just can’t be bothered to spend the 10 minutes to pack a lunch. Here are my go to healthy snacks that I bring along in that case. This would also be very appropriate for work or busy moms or anyone who just needs a go to “healthy fast snack” from home.

  • Greek Yogurt + granola: The only thing this requires is me quickly dumping some granola into a ziploc bag. If you pre-bag a few days worth, it takes seconds total. (I do have a cooler pouch on my backpack so I don’t have to worry about the yogurt spoiling.)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs: I just grab two and run out the door. I do batches of 12-18 eggs on weekends then snack throughout the week. I’m not a huge fan of egg yolks so I usually eat 2-3 whites at a time. This also keeps the cholesterol intake down.
  • Fruit: the simplest, and my personal favorite. Apples, bananas, and clementine oranges seem to be the cheapest and easiest to grab-and-go. While I do love other fruit, those often require prep. Chopping and thanks!
  • Frozen Vegetable Bags (single-serve): This requires both a cooler and a microwave, which thankfully I have access to. My favorite is single packets of edamame. While some people try to watch soy intake, I don’t mind eating edamame on occassion. It definitely beats a bag of chips, and is way more filling!
  • Granola Bars: Not something I personally do, but I have several friends that eat these often. My biggest warning is to really check nutrition labels. Many “healthy” bars are just as bad for you as a candy bar. I have heard that KIND bars are good, but I haven’t actually bought any myself. I prefer just straight granola, but I can see how these would be much more travel friendly!
  • Baby Carrots: This is very specific, I know. I will literally bring the whole bag with me if it’s smaller than 2lbs and snack throughout the day. Other vegetables also require washing and cutting. Baby carrots are much simpler (though do consider at least rinsing them at your location!)
  • Popcorn: Not as healthy but is still making the cut because of how travel friendly (i.e. compact) this snack is, and its health relative to other crunchy snack food. Obviously, you also need a microwave. Try to avoid “Movie Theater” style or anything with extra butter, but also don’t kid yourself into thinking that “Smart Pop 93% Fat Free” is actually good for you. It’s not. Eat this in a pinch, or if you’re having a salty craving, but try the above options before;)

I hope this helps!



6 thoughts on “Super Super Easy Healthy Snacks “To Go” (College, Work, Mom friendly!)

  1. Great ideas, Rachel! My goodness..when I was in college I ate Raman, Pineapple Fanta, and Beer aaaand that was about it LOL! 🙂 Thankfully you are on the right track and those snacks will be GREAT for your waistline, energy, and bank account!

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