My Birthday Wish List!

Okay, so my birthday is not for over a month, but my husband was asking me for ideas. I’m typically terrible at coming up with present ideas for myself, but this year I do have some specific items! I figured I would share them with you =)

  • “Nordstrom Naturals” Eyeshadow Palette by MAC ($85): If you have read many of my posts, you might already know that the only eyeshadows I own are in my Urban Decay NAKED palette that I have owned since 2011. I have loved this palette but lately have found myself a little bored with the same looks. These limited edition 15 eyeshadow palettes are worth over $160, for only $85. This one specifically has the perfect shades of naturals, with some added depth (from the deep purple and black). I want this now because of the amazing deal, but likely would not open it for awhile, as I do still have use of the NAKED palette. There are several of these limited edition palettes on the Nordstrom website. Also fun fact, if you order online you can get 4 swagbucks per dollar, I’ve done this twice now!
  • Jo Malone fragrance in Wood Sage & Sea Salt ($65/$125 fpr 1oz/3.4oz): This scent is a cult beauty favorite, and for good reason! I have enviously watched reviews on several Jo Malone fragrances and this name always stuck out to me because I love woody scents. I made it into a Nordstrom back in August (when I bought my everyday handbag), and finally tested out different scents. This one smelled amazing and only got better once on my skin awhile! I think my skin has an odd chemistry because I find scents often smell very weird on me with time, but this fragrance was amazing and I found myself smelling my wrist all day. If I do receive this for my birthday I will immediately give away (or throw away) my Victoria’s Secret Night Jasmine fragrance that I’ve been trying to use up.
  • A Desktop Computer or Mini-Computer ($250-$500): This is definitely the most practical item on my list, and the most expensive. I need a functioning home computer for when I begin online grad school, and figured I should just ask for one now. I have 7 or so models on my Amazon wishlist from all-in-one desktops to mini computers to standard desktops & monitors. I want something that has plenty of memory and will be fast and efficient. I also do not want to spend more than $500 total. Any money I receive will go towards this purchase.
  • Express Gift Card: A very boring birthday gift idea, but a practical one. I’m going to need new clothes after baby (capsule wardrobe?!) and figured I’d start saving now!
  • Bath & Body Works candle or gift card: I love love love the Christmas-y candles from Bath & Body Works so that’d make an awesome present. I am super picky about scents though so I told my hubby it probably be safer just to get a gift card;)

That was all I could think of, and is a much more specific list than my usual “uhhh, I don’t know, a gift card?” response.



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