Pregnancy: Non-Food Cravings?

As pretty much everyone knows, pregnant women tend to have cravings. Jokes are made about pickles and ice cream, and other weird food combinations. I don’t think I’ve really had any of these….What I have had seems even weirder! Though not bad…..they are related to sound, touch, and smell….not taste!

  • ASMR: If you do not know what this is, click here for the Wikipedia page/description. Specifically, I have been loving the strong sensation of the sounds of scratching. Scratching foam, scratching fabric etc. It sounds completely crazy unless you have a prior knowledge of ASMR content. The best places to find ASMR for me personally has been YouTube. My favorites right now are relaxwithmechannel, DonnaASMR, asmrsurge, and DeepOceanofSound. It’s something I have to listen to daily, and I quite literally “crave the sound.”
  • Scratching items: I have also been loving the sensation of scratching various items myself, rather than just listen to the sound. It’s weird, I know. I’m also attributing this one to pregnancy. Again, scratching foam and textured fabrics has been what I’ve particularly enjoyed.
  • Dust: I have been absolutely loving the smell of dust and old books. For this reason I have a particular favorite spot to study in the library…one that smells the most of dusty old books. Thankfully I haven’t gotten any urges to eat dust or anything like that, but the smell has smelled so so good to me. It’s weird. I know.
  • Ice: I already made a whole post on this, but I have also loved chewing ice. The crunch and the coldness has been wonderful, especially on the hot days. This is more of a touch sensation than taste though because I have enjoyed the crunch of the ice…not the taste lol

This is all I can think of at the moment, but just know if you think you are having weird pregnancy tendencies…you probably aren’t the only one. Cravings aren’t just in regards to food!



One thought on “Pregnancy: Non-Food Cravings?

  1. Oh man! I’ll NEVER forget preggy cravings (and super smell that made me SOOOO SICK!). I would crave lemonade made with real lemons (except SALT substituted for sugar). What? Yes. And even weirder – I salivated thinking about ox tails. Never even eaten them before but I wanted some so bad and that craving stayed for months. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to cook it and no one would go with me to eat it LOL! So strange.


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