Little Luxuries.

I was having a rough day yesterday, pregnancy-wise. My back hurt so bad I couldn’t sit in a chair. Ironically, I discovered this at the library, where I had headed in to make use of a few hours of my evening in hopes to get ahead with some class assignments. Long story short, I spent the entire time attempting to stretch out my back and laying on the floor writhing in pain (it was the first week of the semester so thankfully no one was around to witness any of this haha).

Anyways, I need a little bit of a refocus so I decided to make a short little gratitude list of little luxuries. This isn’t just a “things I’m thankful for” list. That would be massive and take a long time to write. Practical things will not be included, so instead this is my Little Luxuries list. Enjoy.

  • Waking up at a decent time without an alarm
  • Getting a great night’s sleep (I do wish this happened more often!)
  • Putting whipped cream on a cup of morning coffee
  • Candles burning, especially fall/winter scents
  • Dishes not taking forever
  • Long conversations with my husband
  • Chewing Ice (I know it’s not the best thing……but shhh, I’m pregnant!)
  • Receiving a compliment from a stranger
  • Long showers
  • ASMR
  • Cuddling
  • Going to campus for Air Conditioning
  • Ice Cream



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