Youtube and Google +

Well, I’ve decided to take on a new adventure. Youtube!

I love writing out my thoughts but figured I would venture out and make videos because frankly I am really bored and wanted a new time-consuming hobby. Videos will probably be all across the board, including but not limited to:

  • Minimalism
  • Pregnancy
  • Parenting
  • Wedding Planning (on a Budget)
  • DIY (for the Wedding!)
  • Finances
  • Health/Fitness postpartum, obviously not for awhile haha

I will absolutely still be writing on here, but I thought this would be nicely personal and a creative outlet. The idea really came about when I was digging through an old drawer and found a point and shoot video camera. It’s no DSLR, but it’ll do the job and looks nice in natural lighting.

To make a YouTube account I was required to make a Google + account so I now have that too. In fact currently that’s all I have because I haven’t quite thought of a first video to post. If you think of a video idea, TELL ME! Please =)

My name on YouTube/Google+ is NextLifePhase, because I wanted it to be more encompassing than just about Minimalism. I know that currently this is a big journey I am on, but other things are also large in my life (ahem, becoming a parent, graduating college etc).

Here is the link to my Google+, NextLifePhase please add me to your circle if you do that, or subscribe to my YouTube channel …I promise there will be good content in due time.

Well that about covers it really, I think I’ve spent enough of this morning ignoring a take home exam so I am going to get to that now.



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