New Everyday Handbag! (Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC)

Ahhhhh! I cannot explain how excited I am about this bag. While back home on vacation, I decided to go through Nordstrom because I knew that it was about time to get a new everyday bag. The strap on my Kate Spade crossbody is really worn down and could break anyday. I actually didn’t plan to purcahse a bag that day, but this all just happened, and I am so glad that it did! Anyways, I took a walk through the handbag department and spotted the Rebecca Minkoff cross body bags. I have always admired how pretty these bags are but barely gave them a thought because the strap is not adjustable. I’ve only ever seen them online, and I am VERY picky about how long a crossbody bag is and have to try it on in person. Well….I was finally able to try on a Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C and it was like the heavens were awakened. The bag was the perfect size, and hit me at the exact spot I like. No need to adjust anything. I was floored. The only thing was that I wasn’t a fan of the colors I saw. So, I moved on, even though I loooooved the bags.

After looking through a few other sections and getting nauseous at the prices (Burberry, anyone?) I then got to the “Reduced” handbag section and decided to poke around. There were come gorgeous large totes, but I cannot stand big bags because I fill them up with necessary junk. I made my way around and then audibly gasped: there was a Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. in a beautiful peachy color with gold hard-wear. I would refer to the color as a “bright neutral,” because it seems to match everything, yet still adds a pop of color. I tried it on and the size/shape/length was as perfect as the others, but now in a beautiful color. I then realized the cost would be lower…and it was! The bag was originally $196, but was on sale for $116. I made sure that there were no defects, and the sales lady told me it was reduced because the color was from the previous collection. I loved the color so I couldn’t care less if it was from 10 years ago, and it was now so much cheaper- win! I purchased it on the spot, and have been in love ever since.

The bag is beautifully made, and is gorgeous quality. Remember my complaints about Outlet Stores? Yea this whole purchase made me even more convinced of everything in that post. I would’ve had to pay even more for a bag from the Kate Spade Outlet for a low quality piece. Go to the real stores or department stores, and look through Reduced sections if cost is a big issue. Understandably it can be! Don’t settle if you don’t LOVE it though. This should be the only bag you use for years. My Kate Spade bag lasted 2.5 years of being used every single day. When I told my husband “honey, I bought a new purse” his only reaction was “How will you let go of the other one?!” which I thought was funny. =) It was easy haha

Anyway here is the beauty from the Nordstrom Website! Again I would highly recommend trying on in person so you can check the strap length.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C in “Apricot”
How the bag appears and the length (not in the correct color. See above.)

Two quick notes/potential cons: I hate the tassels and cut them shorter, to just past the length of the bag. I think they look ridiculous being a foot long. That was an easy fix with a pair of scissors, so it wasn’t a big deal to me at all. The other thing is that the bags are genuine leather. This is a pro to some and a con to others, so I will leave that up to you to decide. I actually did not find that out until after my purchase, but it did not change my mind about the bag. I love it and hope that it lasts for years to come =)



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