What I (Over) Packed for a Week Long Trip.

I admit it, I overpacked! Here’s why:

I have to check a bag because there are a couple of liquid items I am bringing back that couldn’t be taken by carry on. Then I realized I only have my  “normal” sized (aka way too big for someone who likes to pack light) luggage. Well turns out I have a lot of laundry to do, and doing laundry at our laundromat is freaking expensive. So I figured since I have to check a big luggage anyways, I might as well do some laundry at my parents house. So no, I would not normally pack 10 tops for a 7 day trip:P

Here’s an overview of what is going into my luggage:20150804_094703Only the front row of clothes are clean (oops) the rest have to be washed when I arrive. I also packed my makeup, toiletries, curling wand, and an extra pair of shoes to workout in. This all fits really loosely into my bag so there is still plenty of space.

20150804_095019Next is my carry-on which is also loosely packed. I packed the classwork I have (I have a take home exam. Booooo), tablet, ipod, and a change of clothes. I’ve been stranded in airports due to weather/delays many times so I never ever travel without an extra set of clothes and deodorant. These clothes were shown above already. Also there are face wipes, moisturizer, and that deodorant. The leopard print bag to the right is where I store electronic chargers and my ipod.

20150804_100903Then I’ve got my purse which is quite small…inside is just the basics: wallet, sunglasses, headphones, a few other items as shown:


Last there is my TSA baggie with liquids for my carryon. You can have up to a quart but I just use a sandwich baggie. You can see the products here:

20150804_101735So that’s what I’ve packed! Normally there would be about half the clothes, and a few extra toiletries. Because I’m going to my parents I didn’t bother with shampoo/conditioner etc. Hope this wasn’t too boring!



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