Mom Uniform. (Minimalist)

So right now I’m pretty much using a capsule wardrobe/minimal wardrobe because of my pregnancy. I have only bought a few maternity items, and am mainly using the maternity clothes I was given (which was a decent sized box and I actually donated several of these items because they were too small in the chest).

I’m glad that I’m getting this practice, because I do plan on almost entirely replacing my wardrobe post-baby. This is my dream/intended “mom uniform” based on style and ease of wash/care. I wore similar clothes very often pre-pregnancy.

  • Express Portofino shirt: in plain colors and a pattern or two. This shirt is perfection. They are long enough for my long torso and to cover your booty, they look good as casual and dressed up. This means the transition is extremely easy from day to night and looking presentable with almost no effort. These shirts are also machine washable and dry very quickly with a hang dry. I think they can be put into the dryer but I prefer to hang dry to save energy and make the shirt last longer since the fabric is semi-delicate. Here is the shirt, but this can easily be worn with jeans, leggings, slacks, a nice skirt, an easy skirt, unbuttoned, buttoned, long sleeved, folded etc. It’s the perfect shirt.
  • Capture
  • Leggings: I have tended to buy Victoria’s Secret Yoga Leggings, but I have a pair from Costco that I plan to wear this fall (a larger size for my preggo self). I don’t have any major preference as long as they are dark and can hold up through repeated loads of laundry. I don’t mind replacing these as I wear them almost daily.
  • Capture
  • Camisole: Sometimes the Portofino shirts can be a bit sheer, it depends on the style/color. I have one that I purchased recently that is quite thin and definitely needs a cami. The nice thing is then you can also leave it unbuttoned if it gets hot. I get mine at Forever 21 and replace as needed. I find the white ones turn dingy no matter where you buy them so I get them for $3.50 at F21. No picture because it’s super boring haha
  • COMFY flats: currently I have a faux leather pair from J Crew that I absolutely love. They have diamond shaped holes throughout but appear but darker than in the picture. The picture looks like there are more holes that are really noticeable. I think they look much different (and much much better!) in person on the feet. I wore these all spring, almost every day!
  • Capture
  • Jewelry: wedding ring and stud earrings. I like my kate spade gumdrop earrings because they are semi-dressy. Not overly dressy with jeans and a tee, but also not out of place with a little black dress.
  • Capture

Other pieces to change this up:

  • Summery scarf
  • Warm Winter Scarf
  • Dark Jeans
  • Dressy booties
  • Winter Boots
  • Flip Flops/Sandals
  • Additional Jewelry
  • Jacket

Sorry if this was a bit short and blah, that’s just what I wore a lot last semester during school to look presentable but still be super cozy. This is what I plan to wear post baby!



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