Plants and My Favorite Summer Drink

I haven’t mentioned this too much before, but I love plants. They are beautiful living decor for any space. Thankfully, my cat does not enjoy eating many plants. She did eat some wheatgrass but that’s been it so far. The reason I even mention this is because my parent’s cats would destroy anything and everything almost immediately!

Anyways, I have plants along each windowsill and they make me very happy. I’ve made them into decor with a few simple tricks.

  • purchasing a glass container from a thrift store (don’t worry about drainage. trust me!)
  • ^Always use glass to be light reflective and match any room color scheme
  • purchasing decorative small rocks
  • have additional soil to fill in the extra space inside the container

This is a pretty short list, but that really is just what I do. The glass is reflective, and then I put in about an inch of rocks into the bottom. This is not only decorative, but allows the water to properly drain from the soil. This makes your plants even more forgiving because if you forget to water every now and then, your plants will have extra moisture that they have access to. Also, if I ever go out of town, I essentially “drown” my plants, but thanks to the rocks this just means they have water stored. Plants like succulents and cacti are also great for this because they were meant to survive in a hot environment. It’s my tomato plant (& now these herbs) that I usually have to worry about getting dehydrated.

As far as refreshing drinks go, this is from a weekend purchase of a basil plant and a mint plant. I LOVE owning these herbs and have owned them a few times before, I just haven’t kept them due to moving states.

My favorite thing to drink in the summer is water with fresh lime juice and fresh mint OR fresh basil, or sometimes both! I must reiterate, FRESH lime and mint/basil. Lime juice is just not the same. It will taste okay, but nothing like the taste of fresh lime juice. The mint/basil adds another level to the flavor. This is so much better for you than soda or alcohol drinks, and is hydrating and delicious. There isn’t sugar or anything bad so you can drink a lot of this stuff (and I do!). I prefer this to soda any day, and it’s cheap too! A 3 lb bag of limes is a few dollars, and once you own a mint plant (~$4) you have mint for a long time. I estimate each glass of this water to cost $0.15, and it is oh so worth it. Fresh basil can be added to any pasta for an amazing flavor, and either can change up a salad. You can definitely add these to an iced tea as well. That’s what I do for my husband to keep him hydrated. He’s not a fan of water (so sad!), but I make extremely lightly sweetened (2-3tbsp of honey per large pitcher) iced fruit teas and then add these herbs, and he quite enjoys it. It’s certainly better than the beers he’d usually put down. An IPA isn’t bad every now and again, but a few a day can certainly hurt the waistline, as my husband is coming to notice.

I guess the reason I’m mentioning this is that it’s been about 90 and humid the last few days and will continue to be at this temperature….and I don’t have air conditioning. This means a lot of internal cooling;)



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