Minimalist Baby Registry (HELP!!)

I am in the process of creating a baby registry (actually two, Amazon and Target) and it’s already overwhelming. I used a website to come up with a list of things I “need” and the list was SO LONG. I understand babies require a lot of things, but this list seemed insane. Here are a couple of things I’m trying to do…

  • Order primarily grey things with accents of pink. For instance, the crib bedding I’ve chosen is a grey with clouds stars and moon pattern, but I am also ordering an extra pink fitted sheet, and my grandma is making a pink blanket. We are ordering a pink lamp, but a lot of decor will be a mixture of pink items and grey items, so if we have a boy in the future, the main grey things can easily be used again. I had been originally planning on doing “pink and grey” but then realized I wouldn’t be able to actually reuse those pieces! Once the colors are a bit separated, pieces can be used again.
  • Find out the number of bottles and dishes I actually NEED.Β This is an area that seems really blown out of proportion. I can’t understand needing 48 bottles for one baby! I don’t mind doing dishes, and would rather save the space! How many would you recommend?? This question also applies to sippy cups, toddler spoons etc.
  • (Eventually) Make My Own Baby Food. This is healthier and often a cheaper option. Do you have a blender that you recommend? I own a Blendtec, which is a very nice blender so I may just try to get away with using that unless there is something you recommend that would be better.

I have a few questions that I am begging any mothers out there to answer….

  • Could a nice baby swing double as a bassinet? I was gifted a very nice Graco swing and as I’m looking at bassinets they seem about the same. It’d save about $50 and a decent amount of space so I am wondering. The swing is larger than a car seat space-wise, and also has a seat belt so it’d be quite secure.
  • What items have you used most? Help. I’m a first time mother who doesn’t know what is hype and what is actually useful to own. In today’s consumer culture it is hard to see what is actually needed, and what is frivolous. I would like to know before the baby shower so that I can actually ask for useful items instead of having to buy them on my own later.

If you think of any items I specifically should get, or specifically should avoid getting, please let me know. I appreciate it SO much! ❀



6 thoughts on “Minimalist Baby Registry (HELP!!)

  1. Hi – I’ll try to answer as best I can from my memories of my kids.

    The number of bottles etc you actually need. It depends on whether you intend to fully breastfeed, partially, or not at all. For full bottle feed (which most people do once their baby is 6+ months old in New Zealand, where I’m from), I had about a dozen bottles, and used a Milton’s steriliser, which is basically tablets and a large tupperware-type plastic container to soak in. You certainly wouldn’t need 48!! Who on earth told you that??? Check that any bottles you buy are BPA-free. Most are these days.

    One thing you haven’t mentioned is a breast pump. If you’re planning the breastfeed at all, I’d really recommend a good one. I used the Avent breast pump which is a hand one and excellent, and still sold I think. Over here you can hire electric ones from hospitals and community / family care places for a small fee, which might be an option. If you can get one that fits straight on to the bottles you’re using even better.

    Re sippy cups etc., buy them as you need them (i.e not yet), but there’s no reason why you’d need more than one or two. I found the disposable kiddy cutlery and crockery (Tommy Tippee do some great stuff) to be very good, and just washed and re-used it. Choose a neutral colour that you can re-use without feeling silly if you have a child of a different gender later on.

    Making your own baby food. Yes, you *could* but nobody I know ever did, simply because you’re exhausted all the time and most of the baby food for sale is so good and affordable, and they’re only on baby food for a short time anyway. I certainly wouldn’t spend the money upgrading a blender for this purpose. BUT I would buy some good larger ice cube trays or silicone muffin trays that you can freeze leftovers in to be blended and re-used, or to put leftover baby food in.

    Re baby swings etc., I never had one, and my kids were very well equipped. I found that my babies would just fall asleep in their travel capsule (the thing that fits into the car) when they were tiny, and I didn’t want to move them. What I *did* find was useful was a really good play rug that was big enough the just bundle the toys up in and dump in a corner, so I didn’t have to continually tidy up.

    Re bassinet. Our babies used their for about two weeks. Hire if you can, or just put the cot in your room. Seriously, don’t spend money on this item. The moment their arms are big enough to hit the sides when they fling them out sideways, they will HATE it and not sleep in it. This has been the case in EVERY instance of EVERY baby I know of. But a good cot you’ll get 2-3 years out of, especially if it is one that converts to a bed.

    What I used most: the breast pump (hours and hours on that thing!), the travel capsule (which was hired, which is the standard procedure in Australia and New Zealand, although you may have to buy there), a really good stroller (we bought a Phil and Ted two kid stroller like this – – it was VERY expensive but worth every cent. However, we live in the suburbs. If you live in a big city like NY you would be much better off with a lightweight quick folding umbrella stroller like this –

    The other thing that was brilliant that we had was a clip on change table that sat over the cot. It saved a LOT of space. Here’s a pic of something similar It saved space and money and was brilliant. Get one and you won’t regret it.

    We found people gave us WAY too many baby clothes. Our kids never even wore them all! It was a shame. Instead, ask people to contribute to the big budget items – the cot, the stroller etc. You will really appreciate this.

    Another thing to spend the money on – a really good baby bag. Get one that your man won’t mind carrying. We had a backpack style one, which meant our hands were free, and it was a lifesaver having both hands free! Here’s an image of what I mean – Get one with a fold up change mat in it you can use for public change rooms.

    I hope this is useful. Happy nesting! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much!!! That’s definitely great to hear about bottles. I do plan on breast feeding, and my insurance will actually cover the pump which is awesome. Seriously THANK YOU for all of this! πŸ˜€


      • Hi. No problem πŸ™‚

        Being a mum is one of the most amazing experiences of anyone’s life, and one of the most difficult. If I can say anything, it’d be this: there will be a LOT of people give you advice, and a lot of it will be different to what you want to do. Listen to everyone who you think might have a clue what they’re talking about, but do what feels *right* for you overall. Everyone has their own styles.

        You need a lot less “stuff” than you would think. Hey, women have been mothering babies just fine a long time before a lot of the stuff available was even invented. If in doubt about a product, ask someone who has had a baby a few years ago how much use they actually got out of something. Don’t ask a company that is trying to sell you the product, and definitely don’t ask a magazine!

        Good luck πŸ™‚


  2. Oh, here’s a link to the Milton’s website. It might be called something else in the US, or go under a different name, but I’m sure there will be something similar

    And here’s a link to Avent breast pumps and bottles. I found the hand pump to be as good as any of the electric ones, and a lot cheaper, but it’s a matter of preference. I fed my two until they were about 9 months old each of them.

    Another thing I just remembered – when you get to buying safety gates, choose a hands-free one. We had a “First Years” pedal operated gate, and it was fantastic. Here’s a link, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find something similar. But when in doubt, always choose the hands-free option! πŸ™‚

    Another thing – outlet covers for electrical outlets. They’re cheap and VERY critical. Get some. Check out all power cords and venetian blind cords etc too. It’s never too early!

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