Running While Pregnant….

I miss running SO much. I used to train for different races all the time. I wasn’t a fan of “fun runs” because I liked the challenge of a timed race. I have completed countless 5Ks, a few 10Ks, some other distance races (5mile, 7mile, 8mile etc), and two half marathons.

As many of you who read my things know, I am pregnant, and the beginning of my pregnancy was quite rough. I was not allowed to exercise for 3 MONTHS 😦 Of course at this time my baby was priority so obviously I complied and became very sedentary. I was cleared at about 14 weeks and am now at nearly 22 weeks, but I have not run since February.

I’ve been able to walk a lot (I have a job where I have to fast-walk constantly. I am a tour guide!) which is nice, but I haven’t been really “working out.” Unfortunately I have noticed myself gaining extra fat. I am aware that putting on weight is a part of pregnancy (duh!) but I’ve noticed a bit of extra fat in my thighs and arms.

I now want to start running again! Of course this will be going at a very slow pace and will probably contain a lot of “run/walk” types of workouts/runs. Previously this would have driven me insane but now that I’m pregnant I’ll be proud of myself for doing anything.

I actually got my husband to agree to doing a 5k with me! He is NOT a runner. He hates it, but he knows I miss running and is trying to support me. I love that man =) Anyways, I am actually planning on signing up for a fun run because for the first time, seeing the time of my race would probably be a bit discouraging. I told my husband this and he was like “but it’s so much more badass to have done it while pregnant! Who cares about your time!”  This made me feel so much better!

So anyways, I am going to start attempting very slow jogs starting today or tomorrow. I walk about 17,000 steps on the average day due to my job so I definitely get in my steps! I am aware that I need to keep my heart rate low and stay hydrated.

Do you have any tips? I need help!



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