What’s in My Purse? (Minimalist)

The purse I use I received Christmas 2013, and have used every single day since. The bag is a Kate Spade Cedar Street Tenley. Here is a link to the same bag, just a different color and material: http://www.amazon.com/kate-spade-Cedar-Street-Tenley/dp/B00Q48BJX4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1437155061&sr=8-3&keywords=kate+spade+cedar+street+tenley

I LOVE this bag. It is the perfect size and shape and fits everything I need, but nothing more. Here’s what is inside:

  • Wallet: $4.50 from Forever 21 and its the perfect size. Inside that are basics: ID, cards, cash.
  • Cell Phone
  • Sunglasses
  • Pen and Pencil
  • Headphones in pouch
  • Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works)
  • Tinted Lip Balm (Maybelline Baby Lips in “Cherry Me”)
  • Lip Product (Clinique Chubby Stick Deluxe Sample in “Super Strawberry”)
  • Mini Perfume (0.25oz Forever Red Vanilla Rum from Bath & Body Works)
  • Mascara….this isn’t usually in here and I’m still puzzled why it is lol

That’s all folks! It fits beautifully and can easily close. I could shove more in here if I want but there isn’t anything else I need to carry. On occasion I will bring a portable phone charger, but that’s pretty rare.



5 thoughts on “What’s in My Purse? (Minimalist)

    • Thank you! And full , before I owned this purse I was terrible! My bag actually weighed 11lbs. Talk about terrible back strain! The biggest step is just purchasing a smaller bag. If I even use a larger bag once, I shove so much more into it because of the size. There’s no need for the stuff I was bringing, so I’m forever planning to be a small bag girl. (Except for my daughter’s diaper bag. That’s a whole new adventure for me haha)

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      • Yes, diaper bags are in another league! I hate them and never used mine. Instead of all the pckets, I just used cotton muslin bags to separate everything 🙂


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