EASY Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life.

I’m kind of lazy by nature, I’ll b the first to admit it. However, I definitely want to try and live a sustainable life. Here are a few really, really, REALLY easy techniques to be a bit more conscious of the environment.

  • Re-Use paper if one side is blank. If you get some junk mail or write a list, save the paper for the other side to use for to/do lists or grocery lists. I often have to write basic lists for work, and I use old paper all of the time. Eventually it will be thrown away (or recycled preferably!) so you might as well use it to the fullest extent.
  • Keep Re-using Plastic Bottles. I understand. You’re out-and-about without a glass bottle or plastic bottle. You’re thirsty, so you decide to buy a water or other drink. IT’S OKAY. The world will not stop turning because you had to get a plastic bottle. Drink the drink, then KEEP THE BOTTLE IN YOUR CAR. Then, next time you get thirsty, you have that bottle. If something happens or you forget it, it’s not as big of a deal as forgetting a $30 glass bottle.
  • Share Rides. The ideal sustainable life would include walking or biking everywhere, but at times this isn’t realistic. One option can be sharing rides, especially long long car rides.
  • Buy Large Items Second-Hand. Not only will this save you a LOT of money, but it is more sustainable! Craigslist and many other online resources are awesome ways to find quality items at a decent price. I really recommend second hand furniture specifically!
  • Unplug Things On Trips. This takes a couple of minutes. It usually doesn’t include a freezer, but items like TVs, computers, lamps etc can make a difference.
  • Pee in the Shower. It’s not gross. It’s all water going down a drain, and there is no point in wasting a flush of water.
  • Brush Teeth in the Shower. Again, water going down the drain. It’s always a good idea to let your hair steam in the conditioner anyways.
  • Turn Off Faucet When Brushing: This is actually in reference to a regular sink. If you aren’t in the shower brushing, just simply turn the water off until you need to rinse your mouth. This isn’t rocket science people 😉
  • Use Plants as Decor: The green brings in a brightness and freshness, and plants clean the air. Plus they look pretty, bonus!

Hope these help! Do you have anything to add to this? I’m sure I’ve forgotten some obvious ones haha.



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