Outlet Malls. Love/Hate Relationship.

First of all if there are many typos, sorry! I’m using my phone.

Anyways, so we are out of town and happen to be near an outlet mall. My beloved Kate Spade cross-body bag is starting to wear a bit noticeably. This is the only purse I’ve used the last 2 years so it has served me quite well. I was SO excited to see that Kate Spade was one of the avaliable outlet shops, because that bag has been so perfect and I wanted to replace it with a similar bag.

After looking around at a few other stores I got to the Kate Spade store, hopes high. But after searching and trying on every single cross body bag I was left extremely disappointed. The quality was TERRIBLE on all of the bags I tried! Now the bags themselves may not have been terriblr, but for the prices they were charging, it was awful. These bags were the same (if not lower) quality as Forever 21 or H&M, but 10 times the price. The bags in there reminded me nothing of the bag I currently own and love.

As I went through more stores I began noticing the trend of terrible clothing at still-too-high prices. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many hidden gems within outlet stores, but they are becoming fewer and fewer. The quality feels so low often that you truly are just paying for a name. At least in the general retail stores, you get a quality product! I would much rather pay $250 for the exact cross body I own now that $75-$150 for a somewhat similar outlet store version.

I noticed a trend of people being there merely for the name on the tag…”oh but this is a kate spade necklace” “well these don’t fit quite right but it’s from Calving Klein!” And similar statements we’re things I heard today alone.

This kind of retail is just so disappointing overall. I believe in purchasing a limited number of quality pieces. Today reminded me of that absolutely. When I look for a new bag from now on I will go through department stores or the actual stores.

I did end up purchasing a baby outfit, two lingerie pieces, and a top from Express that will work through my pregnancy and after baby. I am very happy with the pieces I bought (I definitely love them!), but still just a bit upset about the entire experience.



4 thoughts on “Outlet Malls. Love/Hate Relationship.

  1. What a genius post! You’re absolutely right. I feel the strongest impulses at outlet stores or those home stores, like Home Goods and TJ Maxx, where if I don’t jump, I may never see that item again! It’s humbling to read your post and remember to take a deep breath and go back to home base, where you have to ask yourself if you really need it and if you would buy it at full price. If it doesn’t fit right, you probably won’t wear it, even if it was “on sale!” Thank you for sharing!! Loved reading this!


  2. i’m really glad I found your blog, and really enjoyed reading this post because I feel very similarly about outlet malls. We have a huge one about 45 minutes away, and I mainly just go to Nike when I need new running shoes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone inside the Coach outlet thinking “maybe something will be cute, high quality, and at a good price” but walked out super disappointed even though they would be holding those “40% off everything” sales or something. What’s even more depressing are the crowds of people inside who have like multiple purses and are so excited to be purchasing them, lol.

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    • Sorry that I just saw this, but thank you! Yes I’ve certainly found the same with Coach too. I was starting to consider a bag that thankfully I pulled myself away from (oh but it was only $89! lol) that would have never left my closet. It’s so true, people buy more of the low quality, instead of just getting the real thing and using it. Another thing I used to struggle with was not using high quality items. I would save up and splurge then treasure it by not using the item. I was terrible about this with perfumes and makeup!


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