Apartment To Do/To Buy List (p.s. this might be boring. sorry)

There is definitely a lot going on with this move. We need to purchase a few items, and a few different things just need to get done in general.

Things to purchase:

  • Dining Table Set: oh this has been tough. I really hoped I’d find one cheap online or in local thrift stores but I have looked EVERYWHERE and nothing. There is a nice new set we can get on clearance for $150, but that is still a little higher than we want to spend because we don’t know if we want to have to move it in December (when we’re moving about 500 miles away)
  • Shower curtain: currently moldy and gross.
  • Short Curtains x2: for the bedrooms.
  • Lamps. These will be bought at thrift stores. The goal is to find reflective ones because of all of the darkness.
  • A sofa/loveseat/couch: only if I can find on Craigslist. This would be nice so our current sofa could be primarily a guest bed (its a pull out). This isn’t a necessity, but would be very nice.
  • General reflective decor/glass decor: thrift shops!

Things to do:

  • move in all furniture
  • move in clothes
  • Scrub shower (again!)
  • Steam Curtain sheers (they are just out of the box and have all of the terrible lines haha)
  • Clean shower mat
  • DIY paint a number 2 (maybe. I did this on our current unit and it looks really cute)
  • arrange hanging decor after furniture is in place
    • mirrors: A large one in the living room space, one in small bedroom, additional one in bathroom
    • pictures/other: hang wherever looks best
  • Add in extra lighting
    • lamps: one per bedroom at least
    • fix the light that is broken in the living area
    • add light into bathroom near shower
  • Find out how to keeps moths away: Does anyone know how to do this??? I’m trying to find out if they dislike a scent or something. They come in like crazy because of an outdoor light near the front door. This didn’t happen before because the old unit had an arctic entry)

I’m sure there is a lot more, but this is my going list. Sorry this isn’t very exciting to read.


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