New Apartment: Before.

We are officially moving. And our landlord, though usually terrible,is actually not increasing our rent until next month, even though it’s only the 6th! However, we have to do some extensive cleaning before moving in. The pictures don’t make it seem too bad but there are plenty of cobb webs and other things to just clean up.

As you will see…there is a LOT of wood paneling, and it’s quite dark. Actually these pictures are very forgiving as to how dark it actually is. There is only one small light source per room, so I’m doing my best research on how to get more natural light in and creative light sources.

dining/living room: IMG_4712[1] kitchen area: IMG_4713[1]

opposite view of kitchen/dining/entry: IMG_4714[1]

built in tv area in living room:IMG_4716[1]

smaller bedroom view one (and my husband’s bikes)IMG_4717[1]

small bedroom closet + hubbie’s golf clubs:IMG_4718[1]

larger bedroom (with floors that sound like we’re about to crash through into the neighbors. sketch.) ad huge closet!IMG_4719[1]

view of door from larger bedroom and the only light in the room.IMG_4720[1]

the closet in the larger bedroom (its triple  the size of our current one!)IMG_4721[1] the dark and gloomy bathroom. Sigh.IMG_4722[1]

icky shower plus creepy childhood no slip fish. IMG_4724[1]

the only lighting in the bathroom. IMG_4725[1]

the strange looking lights that are throughout the apartment:IMG_4726[1]

The very odd extra storage area. Don’t be fooled it’s super dark haha.IMG_4728[1]

My next post will be about the upcoming projects I have for the space. Suggestions loved and welcomed =)



6 thoughts on “New Apartment: Before.

  1. I absolutely love that apartment! It is so different! I agree about the darkness. I love natural light. I hope that you can figure out a way to brighten it up. I should ask my dad if he has any ideas. He’s super creative with design.


  2. For getting more light into places, mirrors are the way to go. You can’t really paint the walls, as they’re wood pannelling (so 70s! There are places like that all around New Zealand!) but you can put mirros up directly across from the windows, and they’ll really make a difference in getting light into the rooms.


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