Bigger Apartment?!

There is a very high chance that we are moving.

Because I am still having an inner debate with myself, I’m going to type out the pros and cons to moving. The new place would be within our same building, but a sightly larger unit. We would be going from our current 390 square ft. studio, to a 450 square ft. 2 bedroom apartment.


  • We would have additional storage room
  • We would have separate spaces. I.e. our bedroom, guest/baby bedroom, living room.
  • The unit is one flight of (uncovered) stairs from parking as opposed to two stairs. This is HUGE with me being pregnant and my mother staying with us since I’m worried about her dealing with those.
  • The separated space means my mom and I would have separate sleeping areas as opposed to being a foot away from each other.
  • We already have (almost) enough furniture to fill the space.


  • Rent would be an additional $150 a month for only 60 square feet of space.
  • We would need to purchase a dining room set (which I’ve been wanting anyways to double as a desk), and the cheapest I could find was $110 at Walmart.
  • The lighting in the new place is pretty crappy and would require a bunch of lamps
  • We would have both neighbors directly above and below us.
  • The ceilings are low and could feel cramped.
  • Honestly overall the apartment seems shitty, just bigger.

Overall, I think the best decision is to move, especially for the month my mom is living with me. I think I would go crazy being in the same room as her every minute of every day. Not only that but the stairs thing really worries me already. My mother is morbidly obese and we will have one car. For the times I am in class, if she’d ever need to leave, she would have to go up and down two uncovered flights of stairs in winter, while carrying my newborn. That worries me way too much.

While it’s annoying that the square footage isn’t bigger, our closet would be doubling in size and we would just have more space in general, which makes me super happy. Looks like my decision has been made =)



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