Afternoon De-cluttering, with (Terrible) Pictures!

I’ve been getting a little annoyed with my apartment as of late….a huge reason being my husband decided he wanted to bring back his second bike from his parents house…without thinking of where we would be able to store it. Things have been a bit displaced from their homes as a result, causing unnecessary clutter. Since we are 10 hours away from his parents, we are stuck with it for the remainder of summer. Don’t worry, I still love him;)

Things have just been feeling cramped lately. A lot of the apartment is dedicated to storage, and our two bookshelves were just becoming a majorly messy eyesore. I decided to go through the shelving and put things where they belong, put like items together, and get rid of a few items. The result was pretty pleasing!

Here are the before and after pictures. I apologize. As I mentioned in my last post it’s been 8 months since I used this camera. I only took one “before” picture and it turned out super blurry, and then my camera wanted to use flash for the after picture.  Anyways….

Before:  IMG_4707[1]                               After: IMG_4711[1]

So there is still a lot on the shelves themselves but everything is in a proper place. All of the books are now on one shelf, the storage cubes on the shelves are being used to their full potential, and other items are placed a bit more decoratively. I do with there was more open space but that is not a reality for us in our teeny apartment.

The storage ottomans we were going to donate but ended up keeping because we were having people over and they were actually getting used for seating. Inside of those are my “after baby” clothes that I really want to keep instead of replace.

The suitcase was actually further down the hall initially but needed a better home and this is where it’s going to stay for while. It is currently holding the spare bedding that goes to the pull-out couch bed, which we will need for when my mom stays here after the baby.

The lowest right corner is the “donate” section. There are some clothes and unused jewelry, plus that very large cutting board that also will be going on the next trip to Goodwill.

This whole process took about 20 minutes. Tidying doesn’t have to take all day!



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