My Camera! :D

Currently I never post pictures..but I think that might change soon! Story time.

Last summer I bought a DSLR camera off of Craigslist. It is a Nikon Rebel XT that I got with strap, camera bag, and charger for $100. I love this camera so much and it came at an unbelievable price.

However, some time last fall I lost track of the battery charger. After looking EVERYWHERE, I pretty much gave up. My lovely camera then sat in the bag unused for 8 months. A few days ago I finally decided to purchase a battery charging set on Amazon. $20 later and I now have my camera back =)

I love the quality of pictures I can get, and my purchase even came with a tiny tripod! I absolutely wish I would’ve just made this purchase 7 months ago, but lesson learned. I’m hoping to take baby bump pictures that are now higher quality! In the future when I talk about beauty products I’ve used up I will likely show a picture.

I’m just so happy!!



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