My Minimalist Nail Polish “Collection” and Review (No Light Gel Polish)

I got rid of all of my old nail polish! =) I think I mentioned before that I was going to do this, but I finally actually donated a box that included the ail polish.

I had been intrigued by the Sally Hansen no light gel polishes. I was skeptical so I read many reviews and what I read didn’t surprise me: they tend to be long wearing, but are not as long lasting as an actual gel polish. Some people said they were thick and goopy, but I still decided to give them a go. I purchased the color “All Chalked Up” and the top coat. This color is a light lilac color that matches everything. It is creamy with no shimmer.

After using the polish for a week, I decided to purchase an additional color, “Redgy,” an almost-red-but-sort-of-hot-pink color. This color is a creamy-matte also, and was meant for my toes but could easily also work on the hands, especially come Christmas time.

My mom actually happened to give me the third color: ” Pink Up.” I probably wouldn’t have purchased this color, but it’s on my fingernails now and I love it! It’s a hot pink with slight blueish duo-chrome shimmer. If I do not love the color I will donate it, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Ultimately I would recommend a light neutral (lilac is close enough hah), and a bright color. That’s really all you need, I promise!



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