Feeling Inspired.

This whole “minimalist” process has been at a glacial pace for me….but I’m feeling quite inspired after my vacation/honeymoon!

First of all, I packed moderately. I definitely could’ve brought less, but everything fit very loosely into my suitcase. Thankfully I did bring some extra clothes because I have grown out of many things I took with me! I chose longer tanks but they were still too tight around the middle! This led to an unexpected trip to Motherhood maternity where I purchased two tops.

Also, I loved the look of how little was hanging in the closet when I hung up everything from my suitcase. When we returned home, almost all of the laundry was clean, and I was inspired! I went through my closet and took out EVERYTHING that doesn’t fit me-which was a lot! I was able to then make separate piles: After Baby, Goodwill, Sorority. The after baby pile are the clothes that are in good enough condition and classic enough that I will want to wear after baby. This meant any exercise clothes in size Small, and some blouses.

The goodwill pile consisted of things I would rather just replace next year for whatever reason. This was some tshirts, and anything that wasn’t in great condition (including a floral tank I’ve had for YEARS but is fading).

The sorority pile consisted of letters that are too small that I will pass down before graduation. This was a pretty big pile actually, it is amazing how many sets you acquire over the years.

I have a much “lighter” closet now and am really happy with the results. Being pregnant has forced me into a small wardrobe because not much fits and there’s no reason to buy a lot when I won’t be pregnant the majority of my life.

On top of downsizing my clothes, I’m also making an effort to continue using up beauty products! I am very close to done with a few products, and have seen a gap in my “collection”…a basic body lotion. Something so simple but so necessary!

Oh and last but definitely not least: I’m officially a “Mrs.” now! 😀



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