Making a Tiny Wedding (Elopement) Special.

I’ve mentioned my big wedding previously, but here is what’s happening: my fiance and I are getting married at a courthouse with our parents this Thursday! 😀 This has been planned for a few months (my parents are traveling thousands of miles). That being said, we ARE having a larger ceremony and reception on our 1 year Anniversary, Saturday June 18th, 2016.

Here’s the small bits we are doing this year to make our teeny wedding (I hate the word “eloping” because his has been planned), special.

  • Dress: I got a white cocktail length dress yesterday from Nordstrom Rack for $45. It’s very simple but so pretty, and having a white dress makes it seem more real! I will be wearing white sandals that I already owned.
  • Suit: My fiance was actually able to BUY a tailored suit and matching tie for $125. It’s hard to find rentals that cheap normally! We will definitely suggest to the groomsmen to actually purchase their suits because this place was so great. He also purchased dress shoes for $35, and he will need these for work anyways so it was perfect timing. (Don’t feel the need to buy a suit if that’s not in your budget! We had planned on a dress shirt/tie and black pants. His mom really wanted to do this for him, which was so sweet and very appreciated.)
  • Flowers: Okay this was a bit expensive because we don’t have time to DIY, but we ordered a bouquet and boutonniere and the cost was $60 total. However the company was lovely and didn’t mind that we just showed up on a busy Saturday. From what I have heard we actually managed a good deal anyways!
  • Cake: We will be ordering a simple small cake (6-8in round) from a local bakery. We don’t have a cost yet because we are doing that today, but I would hope that at the MOST it would be $30.
  • Photos: As I mentioned in my DIY vs Not DIY post, my fiances brother does photography. He’s not professional but he has taken several classes in college and is a graphic design major. He’s going to take pictures of us at the ceremony and after with our parents. I am so happy that we will have these to cherish, and that they will be free! =) I’d really recommend asking a friend to take pictures, even if you don’t have a professional.

I hope that give ideas if you need a very simple wedding idea!



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