Wedding Planning: DIY and Not-DIY. (Minimalist-ish)

I am currently in the process of wedding planning, and boy is it annoying! To be perfectly honest, I am doing this mostly for my fiance and his family. I do not personally care about a wedding, I want a marriage. However, my man has a large extended family and they want to share in our love and celebration. So here I am, planning a wedding that could potentially be for 250 people, yikes! I am trying to keep this relatively low budget, but seeing as we are getting married on a Saturday in June in a large city area, it’s getting difficult. My ultimate goal budget is $10,000, but we do have a budget of $15,000. This price may seem very high to some, but the average wedding costs over $25,000!!!

I have a VERY detailed budget on what can be spent broken down into more than 50 separate expenses. If you want to see this let me know! Some of the budget savings will come from DIY items.

These are some items I plan to DIY:

  • Hair and Makeup: I do not see the need to hire anyone to do my makeup when I love doing makeup myself! I will also expect that the bridesmaids do their own or have a friend help if needed. I don’t think it’s anything crazy to ask. I might ask a friend to help with hair but there’s a strong chance I’ll be doing that myself too.
  • Flowers: This includes all arrangements, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and decor flowers. My future mother-in-law actually made my fiances boutonnieres and corsages for his high school dances so she is willing to help which is great! I plan to buy all flowers in bulk from Costco, Sam’s Club, or a different bulk supplier.
  • Decor: I have looked up buying jars and candles in bulk and it’s actually amazing how inexpensive these can be! I won’t be truly making other decor but I’ll likely be putting out prints of us and other fun, DIY decorations. Pinterest is my BFF.
  • Favors: As a bridesmaid I helped my cousin make a TON of DIY favors for her wedding, so I plan to DIY these too! I do not know what the gift or theme will be, but I’m confident we can come up with something classy and inexpensive.
  • Prints/Slideshow: The prints I referenced in decor, but by this I mean using costco to print photos and then putting in second-hand picture frames at various tables. The slideshow would be either a slideshow of us to be shown at the wedding, or a slideshow of pictures from the wedding itself. Or both! I’ve had to do so many presentations and slideshows that I enjoy doing this and see absolutely no reason to pay someone to do this when I possess the skills myself.
  • SOME Photography: My fiance’s brother is very talented so we are going to hire him to do photos for our save the dates as well as the photos that will be decor at the wedding. We will pay him, but it will be much less expensive than professional.

These are some items I will not DIY:

  • Cake: Oh goodness no. I love baking and actually have done an ice cream wedding cake before (which was SO hard) but I would not attempt this at my own wedding when there will be a million other things on my mind. However, I have a friend who is an amazing baker so I’ll likely be hiring her!
  • Dresses/Tuxes: No way. I do not posses those skills. I’ll definitely be looking for a reasonably priced dress…..but I will not be making a dress. The same goes for bridesmaid’s dresses and men’s tuxes.
  • Food: Every location we have viewed for receptions has required in-house catering so I wasn’t even left with a choice there. That being said, I probably would’ve opted to cater the food either way.
  • Photography: For actual wedding photos we will very likely hire a professional photographer. This is not set in stone and will depend on prices, but pro is currently the plan.
  • Invitations: I will be doing these through Costco though so hopefully they are much cheaper this way! =)

I hope that gives some ideas or was at least mildly interesting;)



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