Product Reviews: Empties/Products I’ve Used Up

This list is pretty short, but that’s because I wanted to get rid of the containers and remember what I’ve used so I can actually review them.

  • Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Golden Sugar Scrub

I actually picked up 6 of these last Semi annual sale (Buy 3 get 3 Free). Two of those were used for Christmas gifts and the other four I’ve kept and have been using. I believe this is the second bottle I’ve used up. This scrub smells wonderful and vanilla-y. I honestly did not like using this at first because it leaves an oily residue, however since my pregnancy I’ve used it almost every single “long” shower (when I wash/condition my hair and shave). My hope is that the scrub promotes blood flow and adds moisture to prevent stretch marks. So far I haven’t had any so I’m going to continue this in conjunction with my Mama Bee belly butter. I will repurchase if I need to while pregnant, otherwise the formula is a bit too greasy which I would not want unless pregnant.

  • Vaseline Spray Lotion (Yellow Bottle)

This was given to me as a gift awhile back and I only started using it a few months ago….but I mostly like it! I love the ease of application and how non-greasy the formula feels. The one thing I dislike is that this lotion does have a lot of chemicals, and it just seems “wrong” to be spraying my lotion. Is it aerosol? What dark magic goes into this bottle?! I’m a little conflicted on how I feel about the product. I may repurchase due to ease of use, but I would like to find a more natural, less chemical filled option.

  • 4 sided nail buffer

This was $0.97 at Walmart and I love this! Once upon a time (probably about 10 years ago) my mom bought one of these from a salesperosn at a kiosk. The buffer and the cuticle oil cost her $30 but the effect was really nice. Then I found this last year and got super excited! It’s four sided and essentially the grains get smaller which each side. By the time you are finished your nails look super shiny, as if you had put on clear nail polish. This allows your nails to breathe yet still look polished. I retired this one because I used it so much, and replaced the buffer with an identical one. I’ll continue to do this for a long time!

  • Mario Badescu Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15

This was actually in the original Mario Badescu Travel Set I purchased for Combo/Oily Skin. I talk about the skincare I love in my Minimalist Skin Care post. This was a 1oz container that lasted me almost a year! I use this for daytime only, and it is very nice. The scent is wonderful, and SPF is always important. The only thing I disliked is that it was a little rich for my face, meaning it made me look oily again very quickly. This moisturizer is actually recommended for COS (combo, oily, sensitive) which surprised me. I would recommend to someone with combo/dry skin for sure. My face liked this and it may be a better option than what I’m using now (Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 17) during the winter. I might repurchase depending on the season I run out of my current moisturizer.

That’s all for now! I’m slowly but surely working through many beauty items.



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