One Month In a Studio Apartment + Adopting a Cat!

As of today my fiance and I have lived in a studio apartment for one month. For us, living in this space has been quite the learning curve. Our apartment is 390 sq feet: aka it’s TINY. While I definitely wanted to downsize, we may have downsized too much too soon. If we could do it over I probably would’ve gotten a 1 bedroom OR a larger studio. That being said, we did not have very many options as we needed an 8-month lease, which are very hard to get landlords to agree to in our area.

The biggest issue is still that we have too much “stuff,” even after us each significantly downsizing. For me while pregnant, I need storage for “regular clothes” that I’m not wearing while pregnant. I’m conflicted with what regular clothes to keep for after-baby, and what I should just donate. I do not want to have to repurchase a wardrobe but I also don’t know how my body will respond after baby. So for now I am keeping the majority of my clothes. I also have all of my winter attire and outdoor wear to store during the summer months. Unfortunately our storage space is limited/non-existent. My fiance has a lot of clothes and “toys” aka a mountain bike, bow and shotguns plus ammo. We will be taking a trip to his parents with a full car but there is still just too much for the space. We will continually be whittling away while we live here, and he will be moving out at the end of summer. The place would be great for one, but is more difficult for a couple unless you have already been living a minimalist lifestyle. When we move after I graduate and have the baby (December) we will be likely moving to a two bedroom location whether that be an apartment, duplex, or small house. Hopefully that space will work better for us. It kind of feels like I failed at minimalism in a sense, but in another way this is a good learning experience! It has certainly helped us look through our items and see what we are truly using.

In other news….we’ve adopted a cat! Her name is Kiwi and she is adorable:


She is 5 years old and fully house ready. She is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met (My parents have had cats my whole life) she and loves people. My fiance who swore he would “never, ever under any circumstances get a cat,” liked her immediately and agreed to the adoption. She just wants cuddles and to be pet. She has fallen asleep multiple times literally hugging my arm when I pet her and it just melts my heart. I’m so excited that our baby will have a pet right away too.

One thing about Kiwi though is that she also highlights our limited space. Her litter box, food area, food & litter storage, cat carrier and scratching post take up more of our preciously limited space. I’m certainly glad we’ve adopted her, but it makes me wish again that we had a larger space. For instance, when cats use the litter box they tend to dig around which can be rather loud…this can be annoying at night and has woke me up multiple times.This would be much easier if there were a separate room we could house her litter box. I’m very excited to move into our next home with her! Also I really recommend adopting a pet vs buying one; there are so many that need love! Also please look at the older cats as well. Kittens go so fast, but older cats have a harder time. Our Kiwi is so adorable I couldn’t see how anyone could pass her up, but she was one of the last to be adopted because of her age. I say we got the best deal because she’s already completely house ready;) Anyways: #adoptdontshop



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