Minimalist Skin Care

I’ve gotten my skin care mostly settled, and my face is loving it! I prefer natural brands, or at least ones with a small list of ingredients that I can pronounce. I found this brand last year and have fallen in love with the products. Most are paraben and oil free but I have found not every product is the case so be aware of that! The brand is Mario Badescu and I was referred by a lady working at Ulta when I said I wanted simple mostly natural skincare. I tried a travel set and tweaked a few things from there. This brand has helped me realize that my skin is combo/oily AND sensitive.

The price range is reasonable, but not cheap…I got the large sizes of everything because I already knew these products worked well with my skin thanks to the travel set. Buying the larger sizes saves a few dollars per item, so I recommend that if you know you like the product. That being said I recommend one of the gift sets/travel sets because you get to try the whole skin care line and usually a mask as well. The prices I listed are from since I’ve bought the products from Ulta stores.

  • Mario Badescu Enzyme Gel Cleanser: This stuff is AMAZING. It’s definitely a gel and does not foam up but it feels wonderful. This is meant for all skin types and feels VERY refreshing! (8oz for $14 or 16oz for $24)
  • MB Cucumber Cleansing Lotion: This is a toner and even though this is a minimalist list I recommend a toner to get all of the dirt off the skin. It’s amazing to see how much gunk is still in the pores. This is for Combo/Oily skin, but there are various toners for every skin type. (8oz for $15 or 16oz for $26)
  • MB Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 17: This is my newest purchase because I finally used up my initial lotion from the travel set (which was the Aloe Moisturizer SPF15, which I enjoyed, but that one made my skin a bit oily). My skin is really liking it so far but to be honest I have only been using it a week. My skin seems very happy so far, it is meant for combo/oily and sensitive, but they have many different types of moisturizers. It was very hard for me to decide! I almost bought the SPF 30 version, but it smelled like straight sunscreen which I did not enjoy. The SPF 17 version smells like a basic moisturizer. (2oz for $24)
  • MB Seaweed Night Cream: This is a thicker moisturizer than I would’ve ever thought I’d use for my combo/oily skin but my skin feels amazing when I wake up. This would be too rich for a daytime moisturizer but was a lifesaver this past winter when the air was very dry.  (1oz for $22)

That’s all! I am in the market for an eye cream though because I have very dark circles under my eyes. I finally got back to an Ulta but did not like any of the Mario Badescu eye creams. I am interested in the Kiehl’s avocado eye treatment but it is much more expensive than my current skin care. I have used Yes to Grapefruits Eye Cream in the past, but I don’t think it made a real difference in my under-eye area.

I hope this gives you an idea if you are looking for something new!



2 thoughts on “Minimalist Skin Care

  1. Oil is actually very very good for your skin. Try looking up the oil cleansing method. All I use as a face wash is a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and caster oil and my skin is clean and clear.

    Just an suggestion 🙂


    • Hmm the mixture sounds interesting. I had tried Raw coconut oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil….neither of which my skin liked (and I tried it for awhile) but perhaps I will give it another go once I’ve used up these products! Thanks!


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