Long Time No Talk (Moving, Kate Spade Surprise Sale, & Pregnancy Updates)

Wow it’s been forever! Finals and moving certainly made for a crazy last bit of April. Thankfully, I made it through the semester. My GPA was my worst ever, but I am still thrilled to be done with another semester. My fiance (wait did I mention we got engaged?!) walked in graduation for his BS in Mechanical Engineering which was super exciting. We also got moved into our studio apartment! I couldn’t be prouder of my fiance, he really downsized his possessions for now. A lot of things he did send to his parents, but we still sent bins and bins to goodwill! A lot of those were clothes items we went through a few months ago and I’d suggested he donate, but at the time he swore he’d wear them. He didn’t. At least this time he recognized that and donated =)

Our studio is very small and put together with some “college” type items. By this I mean a love-seat whose origin is unknown, a dresser from an old landlord, and a tiny table & 2 chairs that came with the place. It’s a little challenging to have people over for a meal (we have to use a coffee table to eat) but we’ve done it a few times already.

Also, we announced our pregnancy! Most of our families knew and were excited, but the one’s who were finding out were ecstatic. Everyone online has been supportive, but I’m sure a lot of the opinions are different behind our backs (by this I mean people assuming the pregnancy is the only reason we got engaged…which couldn’t be further from the truth). Anyways, it’s a huge relief that people know, and also well timed because I’m showing! I’m kind of at that “is she just gaining weight or is she pregnant?” stage, but it’s starting to become more obvious every day.

Speaking of baby…..I kind of splurged on a diaper bag! Definitely splurged actually thanks to the Kate Spade Surprise Sale. I got this beauty:  Capture hopefully you can see that well enough. This bag was originally $398, and I purchased it for $139! So while it was a splurge thankfully it was at least at a much more decent price. I never EVER thought I would get a “designer” diaper bag, but after quite a bit of online research, most women loooove these. The reasoning is that it’s really a purse for you as well as the diaper bag. This completely makes sense and I’m sure I’ll just throw my wallet in there with all of the baby items. This bag also comes with a changing mat, which I thought was nice.

The Surprise Sale actually got me again though….I purchased three sets of stud earrings to replace a few pairs I do not wear, and a dainty necklace.

Capture Capture Capture Capture

This is definitely the most I have spent on myself in a LONG time, but I figured these are all good pieces to have. The earrings had great reviews and I thought the necklace was just beautiful. Obviously the baby bag will be useful! The only thing that had me iffy was the thought “what if I have a boy?”…but then I realized ultimately I will be the one carrying the bag. My fiance has said it doesn’t matter what bag I get, he is going to carry a backpack.

Another baby thing….I have finally been cleared to exercise now that I’m in my second trimester!!! I have to keep my heart rate under 140, which definitely limits what I can do, but I’m very excited to be able to move. I’ve been using a stationary bike (usually 7-8miles), very light weight training, and I’ve also gone on a pretty long hike. It was great and now my fiance and I are able to spend that time together again, which was very missed.

Lastly, our wedding is coming up crazy fast….we are less than a month away! Yikes! We are getting legally married this June 18th, and holding the ceremony next June 18th. Only our parents will be present for this wedding, but the ceremony/reception next year will be much bigger (he has a huge family….I’d rather a tiny tiny wedding lol). We are looking into reception venues for next year and will hopefully have one set soon.

Hopefully that was a good catch up with everything! I’ve missed this, hopefully now that I have a much less demanding schedule I will be able to write more =)



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