Not EVERYTHING is about “Gender Roles” or Feminism.


This isn’t about minimalism. This is something that has continued to upset me as a female. The lines of feminism and gender roles seem to be taken out of context far too often,  and WAY out of context. I believe this photo is a perfect example. This status was posted by someone close to me, yet still it makes me extremely upset.

Since when is a person not allowed to compliment a presentation? Particularly when that person happens to be the person grading said presentation?! I believe my friend put HERSELF in to a gender role box with this entire statement. If the professor had said “Good job today for a female” that’d be an entirely different story. However, that isn’t the case. The professor gave a student a compliment for a good presentation for goodness sake! There are too many people who are looking to make a fuss or an argument out of something that is simply not there. This is ridiculous and dividing us up more as a human race.

What are your thoughts? Did this strike you as insulting? A backhanded compliment? A genuine compliment? I’m very curious to hear opinions!


p.s. I promise I will try to make my nest post a minimalist post=)


One thought on “Not EVERYTHING is about “Gender Roles” or Feminism.

  1. That seemed a little paranoid. Wow. I have a feeling that person is very miserable. They probably live for drama and that was one more chance for themselves to attempt to portray themselves as a martyr. I have and still do deal with these drama junkies. (Eye roll)


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