Free Maternity Clothes! :D

I got a wonderful surprise about two weeks ago….when I found out I was pregnant, a big concern (at least until my S.O. starts his full time job after graduation) was/is finances. Well, only a few days after finding out about my unexpected pregnancy, an alumna of my sorority posted to the chapter Facebook that she and her husband were done having children after her third, and that she wanted to donate her maternity clothes. A couple Facebook messages later and I landed some wonderful finds for extremely cheap. I paid shipping ($25) and received a box full of maternity clothes that span the seasons. YAY!

I already went through them and got rid of a few items that were already too small in the chest, or I knew I wouldn’t wear. Oh my goodness though I couldn’t be more grateful, there were maxi dresses, casual outfits, work outfits, sweaters, maternity pants, shorts and capris, and essentially all I will need for the entire pregnancy unless they don’t fit. The maxi dresses are especially pretty! They are from the Target maternity section (which I have always thought looks SO classy and if I do need to buy additional sizes I’ll be heading there!) Basically I couldn’t be more grateful for this surprise, and now I have a maternity wardrobe =)



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