Minimalist Mommy: Welcome/The Plan.

I thought of this little name and really liked it because it’s true! I’m an aspiring minimalist, and a mommy-to-be!

First of all I made sure no one else was going by this name, and thankfully nobody is. (There is however “The Minimalist Mom” who seems much more put together and professional, check her stuff out here: but I am certainly no professional so this works out)

Anyways, I realized one beautiful thing is that because I am starting from the ground up, I have the ability to keep the baby things as minimal as possible. I already understand this is going to be really hard, but that’s okay I have a semi-thought out plan!

  • Register! I’m definitely registering at Target and Amazon. The benefit of this is it allows family/friends who may want to help out to see exactly what we want/need. Since my family is so spread out this will be wonderful! I’ll also be requesting gift receipts on every purchase in case of returns. Especially for items that may prove to be necessary.
  • Go secondhand. We’re a young couple with not much in a saving’s account, so we need to save as much $$$ as possible. Not only is secondhand a great option as far as dollars, but it’s wonderful for the environment too! No point in letting a perfectly good item be thrown out! Yard sales are going to be my best friend, as well as GoodWill =)
  • Sign up for Freebies! This may not sound very minimalist, but definitely fits into the budget side of things. Basically I’m going to sign up for freebies on things I know I will need and will use, such as nursing pads, diaper samples etc.
  • Breastfeeding: this will be very dependent on my body, but I would like to nurse as long as possible before solid foods are typically introduced. This will save us a ton of $$ and also nourish baby. Again, this may not be possible and only time will tell.
  • KEEP RECEIPTS AND OPEN AS NEEDED. I have already been told this but I’m doing it for sure. From what I’ve heard, with the excitement comes the desire to open everything and set everything up, but that’s just not smart because you may not actually use many things, especially clothes depending on the growth of baby. So the plan is to keep receipts!

That’s all I can think of right now, if you have any advice to share PLEASE comment. I have no experience in the mommyhood thing!



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