What Makes Me Happy?

So as this extremely slow minimalism journey continues, and now the mommyhood begins, I really wanted to ask myself: “What Makes Me Happy?” because it seems like I haven’t focused on that in a long time. A REALLY long time, and now I only have a limited time of selfish living left before my due date!

So…..here is a little list

  • Writing! Sometimes it’s terrible but it’s such a release
  • Yoga Classes
  • Napping (this probably shouldn’t count)
  • Coffee with French Vanilla Creamer
  • Cuddling with my Significant other
  • Hiking when it’s sunny
  • Being outdoors in general when it’s sunny
  • Cooking, especially experimenting with vegan foods
  • Reading
  • Good Food and Good Beer (when not pregnant!)

What do I want to try?

  • Kayaking!
  • SUP
  • Putting a LOT of time into a blog
  • Mastering more recipes
  • Skydiving (obviously when not pregnant
  • Ditching my phone for at least a day.

There’s probably a lot more, but I really need a nap. =)



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