Down-Sizing My Living Space! =)

My boyfriend and I signed on an apartment together aaaand…’s a studio! I couldn’t be happier about this! We toured multiple places all in the same price range and he let me choose. I wanted the studio. Some may call this crazy, to turn down a two bedroom for a studio at a similar cost, but it’s what I wanted. Here’s why:

  • The other apartments may have been bigger, but they seemed MUCH lower quality. The inside of our place is rustic and newly redone woodwork everywhere. It’s like living in a very nice cabin. And it’s very cute!
  • It feels homey. It really does. Even without the furniture, the lighting was SO much better and it was welcoming
  • The studio came with ALL utilities. The others did not include electric. And a larger place would cost more utilities than we would need (to heat and cool)
  • There were less stairs. One of the options was a one bedroom that I was definitely considering…except there were 3 flights of stairs that would be outdoors. My future 9-month pregnant self would not be okay with that!
  • It came with a table and Tv stand. The table is only for two, but it’s perfect for what we need! One less thing to worry about buying and taking with us eventually.
  • I’m sick of having too much space. More space= excuses to buy necessary items!

Now my only concern is my boyfriend. He is AWFUL at parting ways with necessary items. He keeps talking about all the storage we need to the point I’m worried we’re going to live in a storage unit. Especially since he’s only living there for the summer! It’s frustrating, but he is slowly starting to see my points and my side. Once we did some measuring he got hit with a dose of reality of what will work in the space.

I’m super excited to live in this apartment, which is good because we move in a few WEEKS! Yikes!



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