A Crazy Shift in Priorities

Over the emotional roller coaster that was last week, I’ve had a MAJOR shift of priorities. I found out I’m pregnant, and my Grandma died. Without her I would not be at the school I attend, nor would I be the person I am today. RIP Grandma.

The pregnancy though, is what has extremely shifted my priorities. Even just reading my few blog posts while stressed, school was never-ending due to all of my involvement in organizations! I wouldn’t even be able to start assignments until 10pm at night. Even when I didn’t know I was pregnant, I was so exhausted that I’d rather just sleep.

Now that I know I’m pregnant I have dropped all positions in my organizations so I can just sleep when needed. My grades are definitely going to suffer, but I’m just considering that the first sacrifice of mommyhood. My grades will be fine in the end, I have established a good GPA (especially for engineering), so even if it drops a bit it will still be good, but my main goal is now to graduate (with a healthy happy baby!).

Anyways, I’m going to get some breakfast before I puke. See ya!


OH I have some exciting minimalist news to talk about next! Seeing as that’s what this blog is supposedly about;)


2 thoughts on “A Crazy Shift in Priorities

  1. It’s crazy how priorities can change in an instant and you realize what things are truly the most important.

    Minimalism gives you back time to use for yourself and not get stressed. And, it isn’t just about giving up your belongings, it can mean freeing up your calendar as well.



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