Unexpected Craziness.

I’m pregnant.

This is not a drill. I found out on Thursday, and now a LOT of things make sense. The biggest of things being why I’ve been SO exhausted all the time!

This is definitely happy news. After about 15 minutes of panic, my boyfriend and I realized that ultimately this was what we wanted with each other (just a few years down the road!). The timing isn’t ideal, but it’s also not so bad. He graduates with a BS and starts full time in August with a great company. I’m now trying to graduate in December and then I’ll probably take some time to raise our little one. I’ll be 22 and he’ll be 23 when I have our baby so it’s not like we’re teenagers, we just feel a bit young.

As far as my over-programmed schedule goes: I’m cutting out almost all of it.  I’m trying to make room just for classes so I have more time to sleep. I need so much sleep.

I’m about 7-8 weeks in so the morning sickness has started, and been not so great. I’ve been nauseous the last week and a half, and throwing up the last 3 days. The nausea is actually what led me to the store to buy pepto bismol, at which point I had this really strong feeling to go buy a test. Two home test positives and two doctor’s office positives later here I am.

Ginger ale is my best friend, and thankfully my boyfriend is being extremely nice to me and pretty much helping with anything he possibly can.

Speaking of him, we plan on getting legally married before baby, and having a ceremony likely Summer or Fall 2016.

There’s currently a lot on my to-do list such as scheduling my graduation date, finding a new apartment, telling our parents (we want to have a relative life plan set up), and maybe getting a job.

This blog may take an unexpected direction, but I will DEFINITELY need advice on what to buy for baby and what is not necessary. I know there will be many items either way, but if I can cut it down even a little that’d be awesome.



3 thoughts on “Unexpected Craziness.

  1. Congratulations! 🙂

    The only question I ask is, Are you sure? You’re at the stage where it’s not too late to reconsider, and you can always choose to start a family later if you want. I’m speaking from the point of view of a mum of two kids (age 10 and 8), and all I can say is, This Will Change Your Life Completely.

    Just a few things to consider:
    – If the relationship isn’t rock steady, it may not bring you closer together; instead it may make things much more difficult.

    – Be prepared for huge expenses, no sleep for at least three months and possibly five years or more (my daughter is eight and still doesn’t sleep through the night – she never had baby naps, and her schedule as a baby was a maximum of 2-4 hours sleep in a 24 hour cycle).

    – Have you thought about how you’ll manage financially if the child is disabled? Both my kids have autism, and it has cost me years in lost income (I am only just going back to work now) and probably over $200 000 in therapies and extra-curricular supports and other extra costs, including five years of nappies per child (they both toilet trained at age five). One of my friends has a child with Down Syndrome, and her daughter is 10 and still untrained and in nappies. Do you have good healthcare? Because you’ll need it!

    – You will be struggle financially for many years if you don’t have money behind you already, even if everything goes well. Ask some young parents you know to calculate how much their kids cost them on a weekly basis.

    – Your sex life will be non-existent (most likely) for at least 2 years, possibly more. Is this what you want, right here and now?

    – Your privacy will be OVER (my kids STILL come into the toilet and shower when I’m in there!)

    – Holidays and breaks will cost much, much more – one wage and three people instead of two wages and two people – do the maths 😦

    – Baby equipment costs heaps – guesstimates for setting up run into tens of thousands in my part of the world for everything from prams and cribs through to safety car seats and years worth of nappies.

    The reason I’m mentioning all these facts is because what we get in the media is a sugar-coated version of parenthood. I love my kids, but I’m fully aware of how hard it all was – and I was someone who planned both pregnancies, owned our own home, was financially secure and had been married for seven years prior to getting pregnant. Having children is a huge step, and I’m suggesting that maybe it’s a step that should be planned, not one that’s idea to take in error. Then again, some people do make a go of it.

    Having a termination at your stage in pregnancy is not a big thing. You can choose this option, and move on with your life. Then, should you decide to have kids later on, it’s something you *chose*, not something that happened as a mistake. You’ll be better equipped to deal with everything that having children means, and the huge burdens they bring in various ways.

    Like I said, I love my kids, but I’m glad I waited. I had a termination at age 20 in similar circumstances to yours, and I’m glad I did. I never married the man in the end, and moved on, and both of us married and had children with other people. But in the end, whatever you decide, I wish you well.


    • My boyfriend and I had already planned on being engaged this Christmas break and married next summer.

      He is graduating with an engineering degree this semester, and I will graduate with one in December. He is signed with a full time job and an impressive starting salary. I’ve had multiple internships, a co-op, and a great GPA. I have full confidence that we will be financially stable, though we will have to pinch a bit while we both have some loans.

      Personally, I think that terminating a pregnancy “at this stage” or at any stage is a massive deal. I have seen heartbreak from doing so and it is in no way something I want to be a part of.
      My brother is actually physically and mentally disabled so I have even seen that side of life. I pretty much grew up in doctors and therapy appointments as I was home-schooled.

      My decision is to be a mommy, and I couldn’t be happier! =)

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