Travel: Souvenirs, What I Bought, & What I Didn’t Use.

I actually am VERY proud of myself for the way I ended up packing. I underpacked on shirts because I knew I wanted to pick up a shirt or two at the outlet mall. I also wanted to get a souvenir and a gift…so here’s what I bought!

  • Mint Green Souvenir Hat. In case you didn’t know…. I had a 30 hour roadtrip. If only this was an exaggeration lol. Anyways, I forgot my baseball hat (which is plain white), and my hair was gross by the time of arrival. When I saw this gem I knew I wanted it. Not only was it a GREAT color, but it was a location souvenir that didn’t look tacky. And I’ve already worn it four times.
  • Deck of Cards: my boyfriend has been wanting a deck of cards, so I got him one from the NASA space center! They are actually really sturdy and were only $4, which for that place may as well have been free.

Here are the things I bought at the Outlet Stores….ALL of them fit my “wardrobe gaps” which is awesome!

  • JCREW Jewelry dish: a catch-all tray was on my wardrobe gaps list so I was SUPER excited to find this gem fro 80% off.
  • Black “leather” sneaker flats: that’s probably not the right name, but these are SO comfortable. I got a tiny blister the first long day wearing them, but ever since they’ve been amazing! I know I’m going to use these to the death. They will replace my sweater knit American Eagle clogs.
  • Black V-Neck: Thank you Banana Republic…these basic tops were only $5 instead of about quadruple that price
  • Grey pocket crew neck: a basic tee with a detailed neckline
  • Kate Spade Umbrella: OMG. I’ve been needing an umbrella and this is the one I will use forever.

What I Didn’t Use

  • By black booties….because I bought the shoes at JCrew. If I hadnt, they would’ve been used. Unfortunately they are kind of a bulky item that I wish I would’ve left
  • My skater skirt: the weather did not permit short skirts, which is really sad. The weather reports called for mid 70s. It was in the low 50s. Very disappointing.
  • A sports bra. I worked out twice using the same set of clothes. I didn’t use the other set…BUT I wore the shirt and shorts because I forgot pajamas! Oops! But it worked out=)

And that’s all! For my first trip being conscious of room, this went pretty well! It’ll hopefully only improve from here!


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