Traveling Minimal…. (Help me!)

I tried pretty hard to pack minimally on this trip, but I’m not sure if I did so great….

What do you do to pack minimally?

my issue is that I need two sets of clothes per day, and there is no laundry option. I kept other things very reserved, but  the clothing is what got me. I sweat too much to wear things twice! Help me, any tips are appreciated:)


2 thoughts on “Traveling Minimal…. (Help me!)

    • wow that is so neat! If I was a backpacker I would totally go for it! For my life it’s probably not the best investment, but i fI start traveling more I’ll definitely look into purchasing. I ended up just shoving in more clothes. It turned out there was a laundromat only 0.2 miles from my hotel. I wish I would’ve tried to check on that, it would’ve made my bag half the size!


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