Using Things Up (+ quick mini reviews)

It’s Spring break! Hallelujah! Actually I have a lab report that is due tonight, but it’ll happen eventually. Anyways….

I’m really enjoying the process of using things up that I own instead of buying more things. A couple of areas that are going especially well are with candles and shower gel. I’ve used up two candles in the past week are both from Bath and Body Works. One is Spiced Wreath, the other is Cranberry Pear Bellini. Both of these were bought in a large candle haul during the last semi annual sale.

  • Spiced Wreath is DELICIOUS and I would absolutely recommend for the entire winter season. I really hope they bring this fragrance back next year. I would definitely repurchase!
  • Cranberry Pear Bellini was alright, but not very strongly scented. I probably would not repurchase.

The shower gels that I’m almost done with are Cucumber Melon, Dreamy Vanilla Woods, Pink Sugarplum, and HEMPZ Moisture body wash.

  • Cucumber Melon is light and would be perfect for spring or summer, I wish I would’ve used it up now instead of in December. I wold repurchase again, and this would be a great unisex scent.
  • Dreamy Vanilla Woods is my favorite fragrance of all time from B&BW, but it was limited edition:'( If they ever bring it back I will buy it in bulk for sure.
  • Pink Sugarplum (also from B&BW) was WAY too sweet for me. If you like candy-like sweet scents, you will love this. I however, will never repurchase again.
  • HEMPZ was given to me as a gift, but was really nice and moisturizing. I used it as a shaving cream and it worked excellently. I would repurchase again, but I have at least two other “creamy body washes” to use up first. This scent is also unisex.

I’m also using up general office supplies and non-perishable food. Those aren’t to glamorous but are getting used up too.


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