Time Management (Do I have it? Do I not?) *A RAMBLE*

My google calendar is flawless, yet I seem to be terrible at time management. I am constantly finding things are coming up that prevent me from doing homework. Like last night, when I ended up in the computer labs until 5:30am, and had to get up at 6:30 am. Ah, the life of an engineering student. Forgive me if the words don’t make sense, I’m currently a zombie.

Is this a case of over-programming? I am tempted to say yes, considering 18 credits, 2 VP positions and 2 other positions, as well as being in a relationship….but it feels okay. And not.

I’m scrambling to finish this assignment that’s due in 30mins….but yet here I am calmly typing this post instead. Obviously this is procrastination (actually, this is admitting defeat on an assignment that’s taken 7hours of my time)…so I wonder, do I need to schedule my homework time again? Unfortunately, every spare second is already scheduled. There IS NO spare time.

Weekends are supposed to be a breather, but they’re where I try to struggle to stay on top of homework for dear life. All the while my boyfriend complains we aren’t spending time together, and we should do something. He’s definitely right, but it’s also that much less time I have.

It’s just too much. I haven’t slept, I’ve eaten goldfish for dinner…I just want a nap.

p.s. I’m sorry this is just a vent about life.


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