A Moment to Breathe

WOW, life has truly been go-go-go since I hopped onto the plane from Christmas break. Until now (literally right now) the only moments I got to enjoy were the moments I was putting something else off. It’s been the busiest month of my life with VERY little sleep.

But here’s some good news: I finally packed up a box for goodwill last night! =) This time was also all clothing. While my room is still very messy, it’s already more manageable feeling. I am also realizing that I have WAY too many odd decorations that will eventually need to go. My room is in a really shitty college house, so I bought a LOT of posters to cover the walls. However, I’m moving into a nicer place my my last year, so these will have to go!

My goal is to pack up two more full boxes this week! Sorry that this is boring, I just wanted to give a quick update!


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