So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Welp, I’m back to school in my busiest semester. I’m at 18 credits (17 of which are engineering courses. Choir is my only “relief” class), and three positions in student organizations. Sleep is already becoming a dream in and of itself. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

When I got back to school, I was shocked and disappointed at how much junk I own. The worst areas are clearly….

  • Clothes: I probably still have five loads of laundry left to do. I currently live somewhere where the temps are from -40 degrees now to 100 degrees in summertime, but this is still no excuse. My plan is to wash everything, and as I wash each load, eliminate some of the clothes. I believe a reason that I let this get out of hand is because of my busy schedule. I live with five other housemates….I have EXTREMELY little time to do laundry. Every time I have the open chance to do laundry, it seems like someone else is doing theirs. It’s beyond frustrating. So I wear through everything I own before I get to doing laundry. While I truthfully do wear all of the clothes I own, there are still just WAY too many. I am also a member of a sorority, and letters are never to be thrown out, so those are piled up as well. Those I will donate to other sisters when I graduate, but for now many stay in my garage and I hand them out as gifts from time to time.                         The short term goal: donate two loads worth of laundry.
  • School Books and Supplies: I still own several books from previous semesters. While I have sold many on Amazon, I’ve kept the ones for my major, along with a couple of others. I can’t decide if they would be useful for a job or not. While interning, many of the professional engineers had college textbooks in their offices. In addition I own drawers of school supplies. I have probably 1000+ unopened notecards, 10 unused three ring binders, drawers of sharpies and goodness knows what else. The short term goal: donate the extra school supplies, return a borrowed book to a friend, and check Amazon to sell at least 2 additional books
  • Trash/Recycling: Old mail, extra handouts from classes, packaging, bags…It seems like I cannot keep on top of them! Short Term goal: open mail in the kitchen (recycling and trash bins are there) and recycle the papers on campus before they make it home.

These are small, achievable steps in tackling my room, which is currently full of unused items, trash, and ugly decor. Because I am moving at the end of semester, I need to take small steps through the semester. Of course I will keep you updated=)


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