Clothes, Books, and Unwanted Gifts

So quick backstory: I am in my fourth year of college, and am home for Christmas break for a few more days. I realized when I came back for break that there are many items here I didn’t realize I owned! A big part of these were books I read in my childhood. I was a huge reader, so there were still plenty that I didn’t need that weren’t sentimental. I also went through the remaining clothes that were here and kept only the few I truly wear every break.

I was able to sell two clothing items at a second hand store for $10, and donated the rest. There was one last plastic tub of clothes that were donated. It felt great to lighten my closet back home a bit! Now I only have about two emergency outfits here in case my luggage doesn’t arrive (that has happened already since beginning school!)

Two large boxes of books were taken to be sold at the book store. The unwanted ones were then donated. But, one large cardboard box of books were accepted, for $48 of store credit!! This went to my mom and is used for future books that are needed for my brother or anyone else, possibly for gifts as well. Speaking of gifts….

My mom gave me a nice gift with well intentions: a book on “Mug Cakes” that included over 100 recipes. As a relatively healthy eater, this definitely wasn’t something I wanted in my kitchen. While I appreciated the gift, I decided to sell it to the book store. This brings me to a point: it is okay to “re-gift”, or sell/donate small unwanted gifts. However, do make sure that the gift is not something especially sentimental (i.e. do not just sell your great grandmothers engagement ring without talking to the gift-giver!). Please make sure to take the person into consideration, and maybe ask for useable gifts (like a nice coffee or tea-something that will eventually be used up. Or whatever you want, I don’t know your life! haha). Just know that it is alright not to keep an unwanted gift.

Anyways, I was VERY excited to do my first “purge” of unused items, and I cannot wait to carry this momentum back to my house at school. I have a LOT of clothes and knick-knacks to go through there!


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