Minimal Workout Clothes: My Struggle. (Everyone has a struggle!)

I love fitness and working out. Some mornings it’s hard getting to the gym, but I always feel better after a workout.My workout usually consists of running a couple miles and then some strength training. I dont have much patience so gym sessions are usually 45minutes max.

My problem? I sweat a LOT.

I cannot re-wear workout clothes, and I work out 5 times a week (6 on a good week!). This means I need to have 6 separate sets of attire. I’ve seen minimalists that have one or two sets, but this just doesn’t cut it for my lifesyle.

But you know what? THAT’S OKAY.

Minimalism is flexible to lifestyle. At this point in my life, I don’t need many professional clothes- two complete outfits work just fine. But for someone who works a 9-5 office job may need to adjust and own more blouses/dresses or whatnot. It’s alright. Make a note of your areas and work to trim here and there. For example, I owned a lot of sports bras. Most of these were low quality and required me to wear two (I’m a large chested runnner, bleh). I took note of this and now only own a few-the ones where I only need to wear one at a time. These ones cost more, but are much more beneficial to my lifestyle, and require me to own half the previous quantity!

So take a look at the areas you can improve, but don’t be upset if you own three pencil skirts when Sally Mae only needs one in her life. It’s all a balance!

p.s.: Something a little exciting is happening tomorrow =)


2 thoughts on “Minimal Workout Clothes: My Struggle. (Everyone has a struggle!)

  1. I totally agree. There’s no way I can wear a workout outfit more than once AND I have made the switch to the more expensive sports bras that actually work (I found myself wearing three cheap ones once- come on!!). Sometimes I still get stressed out about having so many different sets, but if I dont keep them I wont work out enough! Balance is important, minimalism to me is just about having what you actually use.


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