Cleaning Up My Pinterest.

It’s a strange title, I know.

Pinterest (to me) represents this magical land where everything is perfect, and I can have anything and everything I want. As so many others, I love Pinterest because it’s fun and can be a way to “online shop” without buying, or seeing beautiful things. Then I decided to look back through my pins and only saw the ridiculousness of my ways.

Sure, making an upcyled piece of art out of spoons and spray paint is cool…..if you have a bunch of spoons and spray paint lying around (and also a very bare wall). I don’t have these things, nor do I need any extra art, so why did I pin it to a board called “Crafts I Really Want To Try!!!” ?? It doesn’t make sense. There were WAY too many pins like this of mine. So, I decided to look through my boards, rename, rearrange, and fit them to the life I realistically want

That being said, I am still going to have a Board for clothes, and for jewelry, and basically everything I could want. But what I did is clean them up into things I ACTUALLY want to do. Here’s an example: I really want to build a terrarium, and once I settle down, I want to have a nice garden. So I was able to create a board dedicated to that, which is great!

I guess what this ramble means is that I’m cleaning up my online crap to help me decide what I want to do with my actual crap.

Also, let me know if you want a link to my Pinterest=)


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