Why Do I Have So Much Crap?!

This isn’t a new thought I’ve had. It’s not a New Year’s Resolution. It’s just the reality. My room is ALWAYS messy, and I hate it. But why? Well…a few reasons. Life is crazy, my schedule has me booked up to 16hrs a day. Also though, I have too much stuff, and too much space. Some would argue “too little space” or “too little storage,” but the problem is the stuff.

I started thinking about owning less when I found Youtube videos on Tiny Houses. I became slightly obsessed with the idea of living in such a small space. Then it hit how impractical that would be for my life. It definitely made me think about paring down.

So with that I began searching “minimalist wardrobes,” and similar things. Seeing the things I did got me really excited and have led me here. I want to achieve minimalism.

What does this mean?

It means that I want to be able to fit everything into my Subaru impreza so I can travel and move if I need to. It means that I don’t need 20 vnecks, 5 pairs of jeans when I only wear 1, or multiples of things. It means I want a high quality, easier life. So here’s to a new beginning.


9 thoughts on “Why Do I Have So Much Crap?!

  1. I always think I have too much stuff, but I really don’t. I have alot of odds and ends, and alot of books. I try to stay organized, but sometimes it’s definitely a fail on my part because I get lazy. I need to get rid of things, I think haha.


  2. I’m going to suggest that part of the problem is your schedule. 16 hours a day is crazy! I don’t know you or what you do yet, as I’ve only just started following your blog, but maybe simplifying your commitments would help give you more free time, so you’re not so overwhelmed and exhausted. Just my thoughts 🙂

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      • You won’t know yourself when you lighten the load a bit. I used to be a die-hard over-committer, and now I’ve learned to say no, my life i a lot more sane. I realised that it was always the same people volunteering, the same people saying yes, and I was one of them! Now I stand back, and let other people take their share of the burden, and I’m much happier. I value myself more.

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      • That’s great to hear, and definitely so true! It’s certainly frustrating being one of those people. I just always get scared that others won’t step up (which unfortunately I’ve witnessed and then felt guilty about) so it’s hard. However, this is definitely true. Thank you!

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